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Physician’s Financial Services

We're a full service billing company—we take all the hassle out of billing for your services and allow you to concentrate on medicine.

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Proudly serving Puget Sound Physicians for over 30 years.

Since 1982


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Please Note! Physician's Financial Services is a billing agent for our clients. Our primary obligation is to secure payments for medical services on behalf of our clients. Any information sent to PFS will be used for that purpose. Please do not email personal or confidential information. Physician's Financial Service is a LLC licensed corporation in the State of Washington.

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Since 1982 we have provided medical billing to over 40 practitioners in the Seattle area. We are a full service billing company—we take the hassle out of billing and allow you to concentrate on medicine.

Our goal is to create a seamless transition between your office and our office. As far as your patient are concerned we are in the office right next to yours.

PFS has consistently returned 97% of the collectible amount of our client’s fees. We calculate this Net Collection by taking the total amount of charges and factoring it by the mandatory write-off amount.

Our procedures allow us to effectively monitor your accounts and solve patient issues before they become problems.

By being a Full Service billing agent we mean that we understand that you would prefer to practice medicine rather than manage accounts.

PFS assumes responsibility for your accounts from start to finish. Once we receive from your office the fee slips, PFS handles everything concerning that account until the final transaction is posted and the date of service is closed.

We do the initial billing to the insurance carrier, bill the balances to the patient, do all follow-up and contact with the patient, deposit the funds into your bank account and make final reports to you.

The fees for our services can vary depending on the type of practice that you have and PFS would be happy to speak with you and give you a quote.